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…..of Woodbury University’s Department of Graphic Design for the most amazing exhibition of student work.  You will be astonished at the range and quality that is being produced by these talented & creative students.

Enter a world of wonder…

This thought provoking installation ‘HOPE’, a degree project by Elizabeth Sweeney will greet you as you enter a world of wonder…..


Me, Sue Vessella, Rose Nielsen, Senior Development Officer and Kenneth Nielsen, President


Senior Sose Ohanjanian (center) discussing her moving installation ‘FREEDOM of SPEECH’.

This lyrical work speaks of the  use of poetry to compensate for the lack of freedom of speech.

Sose, who has worked for me is as sweet as she is beautiful and talented.  Keep and eye out for her as she’s definitely going far in her career.






Discussing Photography

041 Getting crowded……and no wonder!


Lots to inspect!


Some of the work you’ll see:


Package Design

Graphic Design

Logo & Identity Design

Advertising Design

Entertainment Design

Screen Printing

Professional Practice

If you need a logo for your company or complete identity design you’ll do well to hire any one of these talented designers.


For more information:

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