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….you’ll love reading the San Marino Patch.  The ‘Patch’ covers all the goings on in San Marino and also features work of writer Grace Farag, who has a column every week featuring events and exhibits at The Huntington Botanical Gardens.  Grace phoned me a couple of weeks ago saying that she wanted to do an article about the Brush Painting classes I’ve taught for so many years at the Huntington.  We had such a delightful conversation that I invited her to my studio and she was able to visit yesterday when, not surprisingly, we had the best time!


If you have a company or an idea that you want fleshed out, Grace is definitely your person….she is such a talented writer who can make ANY subject beyond interesting….even captivating.


You can contact Grace at

You can check out the article she wrote about my Brush Painting classes at the Huntington at

The San Marino Patch can be found on where you can also read about the going’s on in other areas of the country

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