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…was drawing me like bees to clover.  I had to see it!  So, yesterday (Sunday) being a perfectly delightful, sunny day, I headed off to Americana in Glendale.  The movie would start at 2:55 so that meant I had time for a leisurely lunch at Amici where I could watch all the goings on in the square.




Everyone loves the trolley!


I knew time was pressing in so I ignored my favorite place…..BARNES & NOBLE


When I got to Pacific Theatre, I was told the movie was sold out but undaunted, I insisted on purchasing a ticket…. and off I walked to  ‘theatre 13’ which was indeed completely sold out.  As I scanned the theatre, I noticed a woman slouched over a seat in the middle of the perfect row and asked her if it was taken. “No” she replied and then safely ensconced, I sat with happy thoughts of my good fortune.  What a great lesson there.

008I’m not going to review the movie save to say I loved it and I will see it again. if you love Paris I suggest you run, don’t walk, to your nearest theatre.

Since I didn’t have the time to buy popcorn I was a tad hungry afterwards so off to ‘Crums Bake Shop’ for a cupcake and then to L.A. Creamery for some salted caramel ice cream.  In other words, ‘this little piggy went to Americana and had a perfect day….singing oui, oui, oui all the way home’!

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