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…..had the most moving article by John Glionna about Pastor Lee Jong-rak a pastor in Korea who sees perfection in disabled infants.  This journey began 25 years ago when his wife gave birth to a baby so disfigured by cerebral palsy that doctors gave him mere months to live.  The child was named Eun-man which means full of God’s grace.  Eun-mans birth caused this religious man to question his faith and he asked God why he was given such a handicapped child saying he wasn’t grateful for the baby.  Because his son was helpless and beyond hope, Lee says that he witnessed the preciousness of life and this caused him and his wife to work desperately to keep the child alive.  Needing constant care the boy brought Lee closer to his faith and he entered theology school to become a Christian minister and now takes in all manner of disabled infants housing 21 at this writing.

Coincidentally, Lisa Bowman who writes wrote the following for this weeks subject…………..

“Rarely is any life without some sort of deep crisis that produces fear or anguish.  But some are forced to endure prolonged violence or war, starvation, false imprisonment, torture, and even slavery.  When we pray for strength in facing our own crises, we can also include in our prayers those who struggle to survive the unimaginable.”

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