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…..had a champagne reception for their tea designer, the incomparable Lissi Kaplan.  Her exquisite hand painted porcelain high tea settings are also at the luxurious Peninsula Hotel.  They are so incredibly beautiful and each piece is such a work of art that you scarcely want to use them but go ahead and treat yourself …as using them is like a mini vacation to a precious world.  Another must have for yourself and as the perfect friendship gift is Lissi’s book…’The Power of a Teacup’.  This charmingly illustrated little book is about art, love and sacred gardens. Lissi’s pieces can be purchased in either hotel’s gift shop.  You can also contact Lissi directly at 



Here we are in the Montage gift shop. Carol Soucek King, Lissi and dear Carol O’Toole.


Can you tell I don’t want to let go of the teacup?



I first heard Lissi when she was a guest speaker at Carol Soucek King’s Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life…..her empowering ‘Institute of Philosophy and the Arts.



Stephen McGolden the delightful manager of the Montage gift shop.



Linda just finished wrapping my purchase!



O.K. foodies, let’s get real. Isn’t the French Laundry in Yountville absolutely the most incredible dining experience ever?  If you haven’t been, while they say they accept reservations two months in advance, all I can say is……lot’s of luck!  The same is true for Thomas Keller’s Per Se in the Time Warner Center inside Columbus Circle.

However Bouchon, also in the Time Warner Center, is accessible and the duck pate is just about worth a trip to New York!  (Sorry vegans.) When I heard that there would be a Bouchon opening in Beverly Hills my foodie heart went pitty pat but I never got there until……………………………

………….there it was, right across the courtyard from the Montage.  I was ecstatic!



Oh my gosh.the bar, the Bouchon bar!!!!




The two Carol’s and Lissi


Happy, happy me, the two Carol’s and Lissi

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