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… a most talented, enthusiastic group of artists so when Marsha Ramos asked me if I would do a demonstration for them I gladly accepted.  If you’re on Facebook you know all about Marsha, a former mayor of Burbank, she is at the forefront of every and I mean every worthwhile cause….she’s my hero!

O.K., so I did my introductory talk in which I tried to explain that basically I’m a very shy person.  This always gets the biggest laugh!  Anyway, it’s important to stress to artists that there’s no such thing as perfection, just the striving after, and our job is to just enjoy the journey.


First a Poppy


How a Peony is just a Poppy on steroids!


Time for a group hug.  Sweet and talented Lisa Caddel is seated on the right.  Lisa, a talented artist in her own right is President of the Association.  Be sure to check out her website


And now the happy winners of my demo paintings:

Left to right:

Marsha Ramos with Bamboo

Claudio Del Carril with Chinese Orchid

Jamie Butterworth and Peony

Nancy Bearce and the Poppy


I was delighted to see Nancy Bearce, President of the Sunland Tujunga Art Association where I happily demonstrated and held two workshops.  Nancy was so kind to rhapsodize about my book, ‘The Ch’i of the Brush’.


Can you believe Marsha framed her painting the next day!!!

Claudio Del Carril and Lisa Plemmons Harrison Caddel will have an artists reception on Saturday, October 22nd from 2-5pm and their exhibit ‘UNIQUE & UNEXPLAINABLE FORCES OF NATURE will be at the GEO GALLERY, 1545 Victory Blvd. Glendale through November 11th.


ClaudioandLisa info

BAA show

BAA Show Info

For more information:

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