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… an innovative company that designs unique and creative, visual and verbal media for luxury brands.  This web design, marketing and public relations company is the brilliant brain child…& I do mean BRAIN… founded by Kat Podmolik after several years at the top in the corporate world, making full use of her marketing expertise, design aesthetic and keen business sense.  Kat decided it was time to branch out on her own with branding her specialty along with a focus on solid internal business operations.

With offices in both Los Angeles and Chicago, Kat jets back and forth to meet the needs of her clients in both cities. I think you can tell by this picture how HAPPY I am to see her!  Kat is our’ Renaissance Woman’…wise, witty and totally awesome.


Coincidentally, wonderful Carol Soucek King, award winning author & design journalist came by to pick up her ‘Duchess’ Christmas cards in order to get a head start on her huge mailing list.  (Sorry I can’t give you a sneak peek.)  Carol writes a beautiful personal message on each card so this is not too early to get started.  I was thrilled these two amazing people could meet!!!


In the ‘Can You Believe This?’ department….Carol brought back a box of the most delicious cookies ever from JAPAN.  I had to show you the box…it’s so cute!


And here’s the star of the Christmas card….’Duchess’ herself.  Is she not the most beautiful dog ever?  And sooooo smart!!!


A final hug………..


And off they go!


Lunch time.  Kat is so funny….she said I even have my own paparazzi!



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