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…..had me laughing so hard for so long along with the rest of the audience.  I now know what ‘rolling in the aisle’s means!


What a fun night out thanks to dear Judith Nelson and Eileen Ogle, two of the most generous souls on planet earth.  If there is a good cause or person in need anywhere and I do mean anywhere…..they’re in the midst doing good.  I’ve told you before they’re my go to peeps as they know just about everyone in every field of endeavor. 

Eileen, Dr. Beau Stocking & Miss Judith


This special evening benefitted the Glendale-Crescenta Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross and the stellar event is in it’s 20th year with Fritz Coleman hosting. 

Lucky me, I got picked up in style and we went to the opening reception dinner at Phoenicia Restaurant for a yummy dinner with dessert treats by PORTO’s (and you know how I LOVE Porto’s) and then off to the Glendale Centre Theatre.  Good thing we had reserved VIP seats as the place was totally sold out and folks were scrambling for seats.


I was so happy it had stopped raining. I had given Yuki a Valium before I left because we had thunder and lightning in the hills and even HAIL!!!

For More Information:

Dr. Beau Stocking, Optometrist

2915 W Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, 91505


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