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…..was so exquisite and just about beyond description but I’ll do my best.

First we were greeted by Crystal Valet  service and there, at the entrance, were huge pastel balloons in the shapes of potted flowers.  Then the amazing Helga gave everyone their seating assignment.  I was to be at ‘THE INDIAN OCEAN.  (I’ll explain  the whole ocean thingie later.)


After cocktails and hor d’oeuvres poolside we went inside to be treated to a total room transformation. There were 5 tables of ten….. O.K., let me stop here…..

When Valerie has a party, it’s never about her…not even  on her birthday….it’s ALWAYS about her guests and she gives such attention to each and every detail that one is transported  to a virtual wonderland!

So, first off, here’s the menu for all you foodies out there.  I don’t know of a restaurant in L.A. that could match the dinner in deliciousness and all because of………


Josie, Valerie’s sublime chef seen on the far right with two of her assistants.  Did I tell you there was a staff of over eleven? (I lost count.)


Now pay attention to the windows in the back and see if you can tell what’s going on.  (You’ll soon find out.)



I guess I look sort of happy….Oh yes, each table had beautiful candelabra with exquisite floral arrangements (each different) and the china and crystal….well…I need way more space …..Of all nights, Valerie’s camera wasn’t working and I left mine in the car.  Guess it was the excitement of seeing those balloons!1428

We were serenaded by talented Tony Cobb who sang and played everyone’s favorites!IMG_1449

So, here’s the story on those back windows…..


Dan Goods, the Visual Strategist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and Davis Delgado (also from JPL) created a projection onto the windows of an underwater paradise.  It absolutely took your breath away as one glorious creature after another came into view. This show lasted the entire evening and it was absolutely mesmerizing!


Don’t you just love this sea turtle?


The birthday girl hugging her stuffed birthday animal, flanked by hosts of the delightful birthday bash, son-in-law handsome Stuart and beautiful daughter Vanessa.


We wouldn’t have any picture at all if the beautiful and talented Dorcas, former Mrs. America didn’t take these.  Thank you Dorcas!


Big smiles Ginger……………..


Goodbye hugs………


It’s impossible to ever leave Valerie’s without a gift and majordomo Helga saw to it that we didn’t.


In the car…..a long stemmed rose left by Crystal Valet.



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