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…..What can I say……………When I got the invitation to attend the Rolls-Royce ‘Ride and Drive’ Event at Hotel Bel-Air  I suspected it might be tons of fun but I had nooooo idea!!!

Coincidentally, it was Tomiko’s birthday so what better way to celebrate than lunch at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant there.  No matter the dessert, you have to have a candle!


Marcus, our delightfully charming server…..


Hmmmmmmmmmmmm this one is rather nice.


Or maybe this one…………………Yes, I like white!


Behind the wheel and adjusting my side mirrors.


Come on in………


I think I’ll put a down payment on this ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’.  We’ll discuss the car later.


I may not leave this ‘mini condo’. Could I possibly look more content?


The lovely Alyssa, Product Advocate for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.  Ever since she was a little girl she loved cars and wanted to sell them.  Imagine that!


Tomiko had her turn at the wheel.


O.K., Tomiko come on, you have to get out now!


After our test drive of the ‘Ghost Extended Wheelbase’ we returned to the hotel lobby and plunked down on a sofa with treats in front of us.  The sandwiches to the left were so yummy (I had about 5 …O.K. 6….come on, they’re small!) and to the right was a tray with delicious cheeses.


Champagne anyone?  I don’t think we had more than three glasses, maybe four, and then there was the wine…but I lost count.  Coffee came for the ride home.  I shouldn’t even tell you this….it’s the main reason why I would never take a cruise……Every five minutes, a server came by with some delectable tidbit including about 7 slices of Wolfgang’s amazing pizza!  I’m certain that I waddled out of there because each time food was presented to us….I said YES!


Even the ladies room was a treat!


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