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… the most prolific artist I know….. fulfilling Malcolm Gladwell’s premise in ‘Outliers’ that you have to put in at least 10,000 hours at your craft to be good/great.  Gayle has done that and more with a body of work that spans a lifetime of travel to every corner of the globe.  Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro?  Been there, done that along with such a myriad of adventures you’ll just have to go to her website to see them all.

Holding one of the many books she’s illustrated, Gayle is standing in front of 50 (correct) of the exquisite, hand made antique brushes she found in a Beijing flea market.  These unique brushes, some jade, bamboo, ivory, cloisonné, or porcelain are made of deer, rabbit, wolf, sheep or goat hair and were highlighted in a watercolor series.  As I often love to say, no animals were hurt in the making of these brushes.  Feel better?

I would say Gayle’s oeuvre consists of series of paintings such as ‘Travel Treasures’ from around the world, ‘Highlights of Los Angeles’, ‘Tuscan Pottery’ and so on.  These vivid watercolor paintings express Gayle’s sheer delight and joie de vivre in each and every experience she has had. 


I wish I had taken a close-up of these watercolor tins Gayle had custom made….a smaller version rides along on planes, trains, ships or perhaps even camels and elephants (I wouldn’t be surprised!) Remember I said Gayle is the most prolific artist meaning she is ALWAYS PAINTING or sketching!


Working on a current series depicting the rice fields in the Philippines.


I have to comment on the striking necklace and earrings,……did I mention Gayle is also an accomplished jewelry designer who makes pieces as stunning and dramatic as she is?


I’m not being prejudice but do think Gayle’s selection in the ‘Master’s of the American West’ exhibit at the Autry was the most captivating.  And, may I add that other artists have agreed with my selection.  I know one isn’t supposed to comment on the frame surrounding any artwork but Gayle has devised a unique signature Lucite frame that instead of dominating her artwork as most do, always enhances it.


It was great fun seeing the show.


Gayle’s goal is to “see, feel and paint the world” and I do believe she’ll accomplish just that!!!

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