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… the most amazing Brush painter and master calligrapher.  I’m delighted to be able to have ‘Tom’ teach a calligraphy class in my studio on the first Saturday of each month.

This past Saturday was the opening reception for Tom’s most recent exhibition at the Huntington Beach Central Library.


Just walking up to the entrance of the library I could tell something pretty spectacular (besides Tom’s work) was inside.  It’s the most extraordinary library I have ever seen, nestled in a beautiful 60-acre park.  There are indoor fountains surrounded by a spiral ramp, a gift shop, a large area with hundreds (thousands) of used books for sale, a theater for Broadway plays, jazz concerts and more, a computer lab and on & on.


Here’s Tom describing some of his calligraphic pieces.  All of a sudden he sees me….

I wish I could have photographed the upper two paintings without a reflection.  They are both of magnificent dragons!  Tom said the bottom right is him when he’s angry.  (I can’t imagine Tom ever angry.)


A little chit chat with Tom and a hi to Kc who was my partner in crime for the day.  I can’t remember when the sky looked so glorious all day long and we even got a great view of the snow capped mountains.  It was wonderful and I so thank Kc for driving…she’s really good at it and sooooo much fun!!!

Tom’s describing how he used ‘blobs’ (my term) of color to create the flowers.

Taken from inside the Art Gallery area


Kc & I decided this was our very favorite.  Again, I couldn’t get away from the reflection.  The use of space, the contrasts between the fully opened Wisteria and the new growth areas & the perfect vines and tendrils all combine to make this a perfect painting!


This is extraordinary and only looks easy….it’s just masterful.


Can you see the little sparrows at the base of the bamboo?  So delightful!


Tom ‘midst his fan club!


To be continued….we’re off to Monterey Park!

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