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….. even if you don’t particularly care for art of the ‘American West’ you’re bound to be enthralled by the sheer brilliance and scope of Howard Terpning’s exhibit at the Autry….especially his masterful use of light!

‘Since the early 1970’s, Terpning has focused his work on the tribes – mainly the Blackfoot, Crow, Sioux, Comanche, Apache, and Cheyenne – that roamed the Great Plains from the 18th century to the late 19th century.  Using his signature blend of highly structured compositions, sensitive brushwork and color, he creates engaging stories around the traditions, encounters, and events of their world.’  It’s a wonderful window to a world we would not be privy to. Image019

Isn’t this a study!  (From the left) Lani Wile, Joyce Motazedi and Carol Soucek King deep in pensive thought!


The exhibit’s impressive catalog/book.


Don’t you just love seeing school children enraptured at any and all art exhibits?


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