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… a non-profit organization that evolved from roundtable sessions and lectures,  combined with doctoral research  by it’s three directors, Richard King, Satinder Dhiman and Joan Marques.

Their  goal is transforming the workplace into an environment where job satisfaction reigns supreme, transforming workplaces by adding more humanity to the bottom line.  BRI is assisting corporate and non-profit leaders & employees in enhancing  greater workplace harmony, happiness and fulfillment.

Richard King, explains the dialogue session procedure.


Hot off the press….Satinder Dhiman’s latest book.


A few words from Satinder….

Teacher and author Joan Marques shows the group the galley proof of her latest book, ‘101 Pebbles… To pave your way through the day’ that I had the great pleasure of illustrating.

Speaker of the day, Tammy Huang-Anacleto, on ‘ Evolution of an Educational Entrepreneur’.  Tammy ands her husband have formed ‘College Launch’ where they prepare students for a successful college experience by stepping beyond the limits of academics with personalized counseling.


Holistic EQ & IQ assessment….

Carol Soucek King, ever gracious hostess!


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