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…..was the lovely setting for a delightful baby shower…..


Proud as can be mom Valerie on the far left with beautiful daughter and mother-to-be Vanessa dressed in smiles and blue cause guess what…It’s a BOY!   On the far right is co-host and all around amazing Virginia in that smashing hat with Michelle, her lovely daughter also in white.  image

Soon to be mom Vanessa with the hosts of the party… her mom, beautiful Valerie,Virginia K., Joyce and Suzi…lovely ladies all!


Carol outdid herself in the style department with that stunning hat and outfit!  What a picture. Linda is to her right and there’s you know who.


Dramatic as always, artist Gayle Garner Roski…wearing some of the fantastically creative and beautiful jewelry she designs.  Smiling Alexa in the middle and excited me again.


Lunch was soooo yummy…..


There goes the cake.  Wish I had a photo of the top as it said…”Happy Pushing”! So cute!!!


Isn’t desert always the best part?….


In the ‘Can you Believe’ department….Hostess Virginia gave each of the guests a beautiful ‘Siberian Blue Ice’ ring tied around our napkins with a blue ribbon!!! (These man-made crystals were developed by the Soviets to counter President Reagan’s Star Wars attack system.  Used for laser technology using natural cobalt and citrine crushed & then re-crystallized to form beautiful clear prisms that in peace time could be cut and fashioned into commercial jewelry).  Had to capture the moment.


Lovely Valerie thanking Stuart, handsome son-in-law and soon to be proud dad for the beautiful flowers!


All time greats Michele, Faith and Ginger.  Just a note, Michele is the #1 realtor you want to call before anyone as she will go that extra mile for you and Ginger designs the most extraordinary candles….they are must haves!!!


The greatest idea was to have each of the guests open a present or two (not their own) and describe it.  This rocking horse was the cutest.


…here are my bunnies for baby!169

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