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……was the theme for another sensational party hosted by amazing Valerie.  Foodies take note of this menu!


I wish I had gotten a better picture of beautiful Valerie but honestly, I was concentrating on the lovely table she designed for her guests.  From the exquisite centerpiece, to individual gifts, candles, and of course….chocolates….it was ‘Valerie Perfection’!!!


I so enjoyed sitting next to the awesome Elaine Adams and having a chance to talk.  (Take note of the nutcracker….a sign of what was to come.)


Angel….yes, that’s her name….and it fits….was delightful….


Gretchen & Valerie share a moment….


Hi everyone…….


O.K., group shot….notice the centerpiece was removed so Angel could get a better picture of us..… Gretchen, Valerie, Carol, yours truly and Elaine.


The peaches and Burrata were soooo delicious as were the candied walnuts….Oh, the lemon oil was a wonderful touch in the Vichyssoise which was made from cauliflower.  That reminds me, if you microwave a head of cauliflower until it gets very tender and then put it in the food processor with 1/2 & 1/2, butter, salt & pepper….it comes out tasting just like mashed potatoes!!!  Bet you didn’t know that!


I was the only one who had their lobster shelled…..that way I could get right to it….


Here’s Angel’s…..


I don’t know why I missed taking a picture of the sublime desert….Maybe too much lovely wine!

Thank you Valerie for another perfect evening!!!

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