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What a combo….


I’m in awe of this young woman’s talents…besides the Karate and Brush painting, Diana crafts the most charming, creative jewelry.  (I’ve already given three of her necklaces to delighted recipients!) So, when Diana told me she’d be exhibiting some of her work at ‘The American School of Martial Arts’ where she trains… I had to go.


Besides being a student of mine….here she is with the beautiful painting she did in Danny Chen’s workshop recently.  It was great fun hosting Danny in my studio…..


And here’s one of Diana’s paintings from our Huntington class.  She just had it mounted and re-framed at Magic Dragon in Chinatown when the class has a field trip there.


Here’s another Huntington subject…Foxglove and Hummingbird.  It too was mounted and re-framed. (The mounting process takes all the wrinkles out and brings out the original color.)


Diana with Grand Master Don Baird.


And Don’s adorable wife….Maria…what a gracious heart!


I’m sooooo proud…


Part of the nice crowd that gathered to see all the wonderful work…


“ Kung means work & fu is the quality of the work.  Together they mean hard work, diligence, responsibility, discipline, honor.”

Grand Master Don Baird

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