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‘THE ARTFUL RECLUSE:Painting, Poetry, and Politics in 17th Century China’.

60 paintings revealing the private world of the ‘Literati’, scholar-artists living during a time of turmoil…the collapse of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) followed by the Manchu-ruled Qing dynasty beginning in 1644. These ’gentlemen scholars’ withdrew instead of fighting and lived a life of reclusion, painting, writing poetry and discussing their life and times amongst a select group of peers.

Many of these paintings have not been seen outside of China and one large piece will return immediately, not traveling to a show in New York with the others.

Not wanting to miss this rare chance to see such important works a group of students and I traveled our own journey to connect with them.

It’s 8:30 and we’re almost at the Glendale Amtrak station….031

All aboard for Santa Barbara…..


Thank you Patrick for all your fine advise for our return ticketing!

Photo courtesy Pam & Wilbur


Lucia brought delicious Guava treats from Porto’s for everyone.  Thank you Lucia….so thoughtful!


I’m about to give Lucia a big hug for the Porto’s treats…….It was so special to have her on this journey as Lucia went with Charles and me when we led an art tour to China… ‘Journey of the Imagination’.  What wonderful memories.


I love it when the ocean becomes you journey up the coast.


Sooooooooooooo nice!


We’re missing Monica and Grace who drove up & met us inside…. Peter, Matilda’s brother is A.W.O.L. too..


Thank you Jessica for our trolley ride.  That was so sweet & generous of you to treat all of us!


You know this was sublime for me.


The Museum Cafe is definitely one of the best and we all had lovely/yummy selections.

Photo courtesy Lynne Photography 4 U (on Facebook) and 


Dear Luci, collector, friend and resident of Montecito arranged for museum passes for all and a docent tour.  Thank you Luci….love your red Chinese jacket.

Photo courtesy Lynne


My yummy cob salad.  Got this for the bacon, bacon, bacon!!! Too much time spent watching Anthony Bourdain.


The orange was a nice change from lemon.


Time and money to spend in the Gift Shop.  A dangerous place to be with so many great  temptations.


Me bad.  We weren’t supposed to take pictures but I had to show you the scale of some of the paintings.  This was one of my favorites.


Thank you Mary for the best docent tour ever!  You didn’t miss a thing and everything was said with such interest and delight in your subject.  We were all enthralled!  And thanks again to dear Luci for arranging this private, very special tour!


Pat, our delightful trolley driver….we caught her both going to and from the museum….


Getting tickets for the return trip.  It’s $9 less if you purchase from a ticket agent. This money saving tip courtesy of Patrick our train conductor. Go figure.  Makes no sense to me.


Weary but happy travelers…..


Can’t pass up a pooch!


All aboard!


Sunset is always glorious on the ocean……


Experimenting with the panoramic feature on my iphone.  Must get to the ‘Genius’ bar.


Wilbur and Pam, adventurers extraordinaire!


My gourmet selection for dinner on the train!

Are you laughing????


Back in Glendale……Night night……………


Note:  The amazing catalog/book for this exhibit is sold on

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