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Just walking up to these beautiful blue doors you know you’ll be taken to a very happy place……and you are! This hilside home is filled with art treasures, memento’s of joyful events, and…..cats…..adorable cats that charm you right off the bat.  More on that later….

I drove to this wonderful home because…….


Miss Judith is on the Advisory Board of the ‘Iris Cantor-UCLA Women’s Health Center’ and I was to be her guest at the 7th annual ‘Lunch With the Scientists’.  Hosted by the Center’s Director, Dr.Janet Pregler, the city’s female ‘rainmakers’ hear presentations from the researchers who’ve benefited from their vision and largesse. It’s truly a double WOW event!!!


Here’s our dear Miss Judith with Dr. Pregler.


Foodie alert……


Interesting presentation of the salmon….a lovely broth….


Need I say anything????


Beautiful centerpieces……..


Yours truly with Aly Shoji who is #1 in charge of bringing this event together.  (She has also been a Calligraphy student of Tom’s in the studio along with Makoto, her precious mother.)


Wise and wonderful Eileen….




On the drive back…..#1 reason for living in California………………


‘The Royal Horse’ by Loet Vanderveen had been spotted by Miss Judith in a gallery five years prior to acquiring it.  You can imagine how this magnificent bronze would leave a lasting impression and so, five years after the fact, Miss Judith was able to acquire him.  And what a perfect setting with that beautiful background and lighting beaming down from above in the alcove.  I love this piece.  Actually I could spend a day photographing the many interesting treasures all with a grand story to tell.


Did I mention cats??????????????


Bye for now and thank you Miss Judith for a perfect, memorable day!


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