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…..Is a ‘Cirque de Soleil’ production. This ten story high big top is as awesome as the state of the art show inside.

Located at 777 N. Front Street in Burbank, the show has been extended through April 14th.


There were three girls and their mom sitting in front of Tomiko & me (correct). I suspect they were all equestrians as they viewed ‘horsey’ stuff on their iPhones.

Hey, where were those lollypops???  I just love getting a blue tongue!


Interesting factoids before the show.


…….more…….And no mares for obvious reasons.


Don’t you love a harmonious atmosphere?  I do!


We first see a herd of horses as the background, projected onto a rear screen, takes us to an enchanted forest…..the clouds roll by and the sun sets.


A life sized carousel descended from above and aerialists performed, sailing through the air like magical fairies.


The skill of these performers is of course world class but hey….I came to see the horses.

Note: This photograph is from the shows program.


Time for shopping.  Intermission sent the 2,000 spectators thronging to hunt and gather. This young lady is obviously enthralled by the little stuffed horses.


Personally I love the ones they had at the original CAVALIA…….just saying.

Mine lives in the studio.


This give you some idea of the scale of the tent.


Back to our seats armed with caramel corn and popcorn….being very bad balanced by sort of good.

I think we’re now in the desert and savanna of Africa.


These dare-devil riders made me think I was in a Wild West show. Their athleticism is nonpareil and you watch with amazement as they perform the most incredible ‘tricks’.

Note:  This photograph is from the show’s program.


On to the Northern Lights and ice cave.


These talented and fearless riders strode atop two and then four horses.

Note:  This photograph is from the show’s program.

Image181 Somehow, though an engineering marvel they managed to cover one third of this 35,000’ area with water and to see the glorious steeds lapping water and frolicking about was a great joy.


Needs no words.

Note: Photo courtesy of the show’s program.


This will give you a little ‘taste’ of the show.

Time to say goodbye.

I think that for young people the addition of the acrobats and aerialists is a big hit but personally, I long to see the original CAVALIA.  Somehow it transported you to the beginning of time when man was one with nature and all of life connected to the joy of ‘being’.  I remember one man in particular who was so ‘one’ with the unbridled horses that you couldn’t help but long for all of life to return to that state.  But then again, that’s just me and maybe I’m just jaded.

O.K., snap out of it.  On to The Pub at Golden Road…time for a beer and some laughs.

It’s at 5410 San Fernando Road West in Glendale.


Beer tour anyone?????


Must I photograph every dog I see???? YES!!!


‘cause they’re soooooooooooo cute!

This grassy area is filled with young lovers, children and………doggies!


Just try and find a seat……


This is actually a brewery so I don’t think they’ll run out even with this huge crowd.


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm what to order….


Love this place!


He’s ready for his close up.


Yes, I suppose you’ll grow into that….or maybe not.


A beer sampler is the best idea.


My cheese and charcuterie…..


Tomiko’s burger.  These were the best ever fries.  I know, I say that all the time, but these really were!


I’m happy now!


Our new best friends, Hugo (a screen writer) and Melissa ( a lawyer working in the health field).


To our left……cuties who got us a beer.


This was my selection.  I guess it was because anything called ‘Get Up Offa That Brown’ HAD to be good!


Didn’t I see you before?


Tomiko with our new friends.


Tots of all ages…..still playing as we left.


This definitely needs some explaining.

I had promised mom I’d stop at ‘Habit’ and bring over burgers & fries. (Because I didn’t gorge enough for one day….practicing to be a hibernating bear!)

I was sitting at a stop light and I saw this little bit of a white thing you’d call a dog literally drag this guy across the street.  He was holding onto the leash for dear life as she (or he) pulled him along.  It was so funny and I wondered what he’d do with Kita.  Anyway, the light was still red so I snapped this to memoralize the moment.



The Pub Menu


The Pub Menu II

Who wants to share a grilled cheese sandwich with me???

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