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……….was thankfully uneventful.  I went with Trudy and Geoff who walk her early each morning.  Geoff drove and it was quite a sight seeing the three of us in the car with Kita barely under control. Trudy had suggested Kita go to this park near the Zoo so she could run around off leash.  Geoff brought a walking stick to fend off aggressors.  I suspect the following videos will only be of interest to the most ardent, over the top dog lovers.  

You can see that Kita is more interested in getting a rub down from Trudy than socializing with the other pups.

Finally a little bit of chasing.

This little pup wants no part of ‘Big Dog’ and thought it best to hide under the table. Wise move.

Kita would much rather be with Geoff.

Kita, you’re a very bad girl.

At this point my iPhone had no more memory….lucky you!  But be warned, there’s always the next trip to the park.

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