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That’s Mary Beth’s advise to us as she trains Kita.


The head halter works best for ‘walkies’!


Oh boy…..time for the park!!! But first….find the treat.


Trudy walks Kita to the park at 7:00 A.M. every day just the way she did with Yuki so she wanted to come along for some pointers.


Kita’s not so sure about this.


The proper way to hold the leash.


Don’t get any ideas Kita.


Mary Beth demonstrates doing figure eights.


Do we have to go home????


You can skip all these video’s as only totally crazed doggie folks will be able to sit through all of them.


Kita has to learn to go down stairs without pulling and Trudy has to learn how to hold the leash.

Time for a little socializing with these two pups who have the run of the park.  Trudy wishes Kita could do this….fat chance says I.

Mary Beth showed us how to do figure eights with Kita and then described the proper way for strangers to greet Kita.  As we were all diverted by our training, Kita got out of her halter which prompted a discussion of how smart she is. (Smart enough to escape from Trudy on three different occasions in the park.) I think I’d rather not know about that.

Kita wants to stay put, hoping for another ride.  Did I mention Akita’s are notoriously stubborn??? Found that one out with Yuki.

Finally!  Back home…….

Great instructions for putting on the head halter.

Did you watch all these?  Did it feel like watching grass grow???

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