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…..on Saturday but first I have to show you a picture of ORB winning the Kentucky Derby.


It’s official!


O.K., on to the Fiesta.  This event benefits USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center & Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.


I did buy a ticket but honestly, the best show is walking beyond the show ring to the area where the horses & riders are warming up.

For all you Trojan fans, here’s TRAVELER getting prepared for his big entrance.


Almost finished…..


And now strutting his stuff!  Great job!!!


Let’s hear it for the Trojan marching band!


I was so entranced in the warm up area and wanted to show you a few of my favorites.

Sooooo handsome!!!


Another horse I’ll just call Back Beauty.  This amazing creature was huge!141

Another beauty.133 136

One amigo, two amigas, three ???122


Black Beauty has a fine work out while the horse in stall 41 is anxious to join the others.

The Spanish Breeds:

The Andalusian/Lusitano

The Costarricense de Paso

The Friesian Horse

The Paso Fino

The Peruvian Horse

The Plantation Walking Horse

For more information:

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