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Since 1919 Musso & Frank’s has been an icon of Hollywood’s golden era….It’s a time capsule as nothing inside has changed including the worn red leather booths.


Gentlemen’s Quarterly has called their martini perfect, the standard against which all others must be judged.


Tomiko agrees and said it really is the best martini ever!  Even the olives are fabulous!!


I had my ‘usual’…Campari & soda with lime & lots of ice.


I am really over the top crazy for onion soup but it’s usually a disappointment as the gold standard was Bellini’s in Chicago on Rush Street going back more years than I care to remember.  We decided to be chicken and split an order.  What a mistake….I could have had a gallon of it…’roll your eyes back in your head’ delicious!


Who in the world likes liver & onions?  I do!!!  But they have to be cooked perfectly and I figured Musso & Frank’s would know how to do it as they’ve been practicing for almost a hundred years.  They were sensational! And they were topped with the most delicious bacon ever…..perfection multiplied!!!025

Tomiko had the duck & it too was perfect!


Now it’s time for presents……


…..and cake….


We barely made it to the Pantages for Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.


Great cast………

All your favorite music…………

Terrific staging……………

Fantastic costumes………

Try not to miss this…it’s a hoot!

Heartfelt thanks Tomiko for a most memorable evening!!!

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