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……with Lynne, Kc and Violet, co-conspirators in planning a surprise birthday celebration for me.

The mystery began when Lynne picked me up ….. I had no clue where we were going.  Lynne knows all the special routes and I was delighted to drive thru Stadium Way off the 5 to downtown L.A. because I had never see that beautiful, scenic route before.  (Must be in a cave.)

Anyway, we park in a lot 1/2 block from Pershing Square and I’m told ‘”We’re going to THAT building.” (You’ve got to be kidding thought I).


Across the street we go and enter through these amazing doors.


I’m right behind you Lynne……….. 038

But first, in passing I noticed the plaque outside ..….

037 Hi Lynne…..

039 You change elevators twice to get to ‘PERCH’  the most wonderful roof deck where Kc and Violet were awaiting out arrival.


So cute….

068 Now the next few photos are for my foodie friends…..

Here’s the Brie en Croute…puff pastry wrapped brie, gala apple, fennel, pecan slaw, wholegrain aioli


Truffle French Fries with some heavenly cheese..061

Ladies please, one at a time….


065 Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta with shallots, garlic, balsamic vinegar on herb crostini


Now if I hadn’t taken a bite out of my Mini Hot Dog…linguica sausage, honey mustard & caramelized onions, you could see it in all it’s yummyness.


What do you suppose these two are talking about?


I bet it’s Kc’s pedicure….


Since I seem to photograph EVERYTHING, don’t you think my birthday card is appropriate!!!


Kc & I had more fun ‘snapping’ each other….

048 091 The big decision now is where to hang the terrarium….it’s just delightful!


And what’s a birthday without cake and a candle….or should I say the most delicious Bread Pudding…..


Lynne, Kc and Violet with oh so happy me!!!102

Have to show you Luke, our wonderful server!


Kc is looking for ‘Pershing, the Chinese Eel’ …. the building’s mascot.116

Thank you dear friends for a most memorable day!

Oh, on our return, Lynne had the usual greenie for Kita….


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