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……curating and cataloging my artwork.032 ……..the job will probably take a couple of weeks…..or longer…. everything is being assigned a number along with it’s listed title.


We had several Nespresso coffee breaks…..037

….It helped a lot…….


But, when Sandie phoned I was ready to go play.

I met Sandie at Americana in front of the theatre……she looked so cute sitting on the curb & I snapped this as she was getting up….look close & you’ll see her….

011  We started at Anthropologie……


Is this not the cutest ever!!!!! Sandie just fits right in because besides her cuteness, her sweater is from Anthropologie.


Sandie Girl thanks so much for giving me the O.K. on that cute jacket….I love it! And I sure loved getting the ‘birthday’ discount!!!

After some more trolling about it was definitely time for a relaxing dinner at Katsuya. The Miso Cod is sensational.


Please, just give me some raw fish!!!018

The Crispy Rice is a crowd favorite!


Why have I never noticed these painted ceilings before….most interesting! (Raw fish does that to me.)


Hot dog, hot Sake!!!!


They’ve torn up the grass again….


Would it be possible….can I not go to Barnes & Noble????


As long as we’re talking cuteness, here’s Kita early A.M. waiting for Nikka and Vicki. She loves to rest her head on the ledge and…..wait!


Mary Beth came to take our little girl for her training in the park and commented that she’s too attached to her.  We were too polite to remark that Kita is too attached to EVERYONE and would go home with anyone!  Want a dog??


Bye, bye…..


To be continued………….

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