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……..See how the planet will end…..this turned out to actually be cute with a delightful ending.

Rating: Large popcorn, cheesy chips and lots of candy since ‘This is the End’.


I’d see this just to hear the William Tell Overture and Johnny Depp was so much better than all the criticism of his performance and get up.  I didn’t mind the dead crow headgear at all.

Rating:  Small popcorn.


Since Godzilla we have been threatened over and over and over again.  This time, the contraptions defeating the monsters are fascinating.  Just so you know….we’re still safe.

Rating: Medium popcorn just in case you get too scared.


This was a surprisingly sweet, very touching story. Sort of ‘Glee’ for old timers.

Rating: Small popcorn but be careful as you may tear up and choke.


O.K., Sofia Coppola is a genius….bad news, we’re doomed!

Rating:  Large popcorn just because you’re so disgusted, it will occupy you and  keep you from judging.


This is absolutely the best summer movie…..action packed with a great cast who go searching for a missing portable nuclear device.  Of course!  Helen Mirren is sensational and looks fabulous.  Mary-Louise Parker is perfect as Bruce Willis’ love interest…..her dead pan humor is pitch perfect.

Rating:  Large popcorn to keep in rhythm with the action.


If you want a steady stream of laughs don’t miss Despicable Me 2.  It’s wonderful, the characters are so nuanced and just downright delightful……where are the minions???? We need minions!!!

Rating:  Large popcorn just ‘cause it’s sooo much fun!


Sooooooo cute!


O.K., Here it is!  THE movie of the year.  BLUE JASMINE!  Cate Blanchett’s tour de force.  Channeling Blanche in a Streetcar Named Desire she portrays a woman falling apart at the seams flawlessly.  Woody Allen really hit it.

Rating:  I’m not sure.  I shared a large (buttered) popcorn with Tomiko but you get so engrossed you almost forget to swallow.

We saw it at ArcLight in Hollywood.


To be continued……

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