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…….with a few bumps here and there.  Mom is doing so much better, she has a visiting nurse everyday and insists on getting up at 8:00 to be dressed and made up for her ‘company’.  Other than that, I have instructions….’Absolutely NO visitors’!  My heartfelt thanks to everyone for all your love and concern.

On the way to meet Tomiko the other evening at Americana I saw this cool chalk art….guess it’s promoting the new movie about Steve Jobs.


I told Tomiko she should always wear this color…’s perfect for her!


Meanwhile, back at the ranch….woops, studio, we’re still cataloging and I suspect we have another month to go to finish up.


Nikka brought Ice Blended drinks from Coffeebean to sustain us thru the day.

198 Doesn’t this look yummy!!!!

199 Our wonderful Ann stopped by for a long anticipated time together…..all too short but oh soooo good.

037 Molly and Victor are back from their nest in Mexico and on their way to London on Friday.  In between they invited me over for a relaxed dinner and a chance to meet adorable Mandy (her husband is a comedian on a movie shoot in Alaska).  That alone sounds pretty funny to me.  Here’s Mandy who is starting a line of custom wedding invitations.


Hi Molly…… I can’t seem to figure out how to take a decent picture when there’s too much light behind the subject.  I know, tap on the screen….doesn’t work for me.


Thanks for the yummy dinner….


Victor, one of these days I’m going to get a photo of you smiling….it’s my mission….


Aren’t these Sunflowers perfect?  Do you know the gal in the floral dept. at Ralphs offered to cut the stems, wrap in cellophane and tie with a beautiful yellow bow.  They must be providing extra service while the store (in Glendale on Central) is being re-modeled.


Later that evening, around midnight, Kita was crying and pointing to the kitchen sink for water.  Now her trainer had told us not to give her anything after 9:00 or we’d pay the consequences.  Well, with all that crying I relented, gave her water, waited a bit and took her out.  Thirty minutes of ‘Get busy Kita’ to no avail and so we walked back to the house.  In the driveway, puppy started running around, trying to catch her tail and other ‘fun?’ things.  She refused to come inside and I started to literally drag her in.  Well, her collar slipped off and away she went…..first running around like crazy in the driveway and then out, into the street….up the hill and down towards the neighbors house looking for their two little annoying dogs.  I had high value treats on hand and would toss them at her but she’d just grab and go.  The last I saw of her she was heading down the neighbors hill….out of sight.  I walked back to the house and woke up Tess (weekend reliever) with instructions ‘quick, put on your shoes and come with me!!!’  Up the hill we went, then down the hill and no dog in sight.  I told Tess to call for her because for some strange reason Kita obeys her….no jumping or anything.  Tess called and sure enough….there came puppy to stand right next to her so I could slip the collar back on.  Now all the while, all I could think of was how I could ever explain to Charles, my mom, Vicki & Nikka, how I lost our dog!  Don’t you look at me like that Kitta, I’m not talking to you.


The next evening, exhausted from that foray,  I went to a dinner for Congressman Adam Schiff and I don’t have enough space or words to describe the home.  It was a lovely evening and tables were set outside between the entrance and the gated area…. enough to accommodate 300 or so guests. Does this give you some idea?


Here’s a nice shot….

083 Note to self:  Never put on one of those name tags….they just don’t co-ordinate.  What would Rosella say!


Elegant floral arrangements by




Precious Amy, beautiful inside and out.


Those of you who had lunch at ‘Favorite Place’ in Glendale know awesome Alissa who, along  with her hubby Sarkis, made every guest feel so welcome.  Alissa is quite the mover and shaker in Glendale and introduced the speakers for the evening.  Note:  They are looking for a location in Glendale to open a restaurant for evening dining only.  Any suggestions?


My tablemate was powerhouse Paula D. Commissioner for the Management Services Department, City of Glendale.  We’ve got a project in the works just from this chance meeting.


Back at the Huntington today we painted Cranes and everyone did splendidly!  Here’s Monica’s……I’m so very proud!


Upcoming….Danny Chen, celebrated Canadian Brush painter’s two day workshop in the studio this weekend.

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