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………for two wonderful workshops!

Saturday was absolutely fascinating as Danny demonstrated wrinkling the paper in order to create mountains, valleys and waterfalls. Here’s Danny’s example.


A closer look.


After wrinkling the paper in the prescribed manner, Danny begins to pick out the various shapes.


O.K. class……time to go to work….Po Chu gets some pointers. It’s looking good.


Who’s next?…..Violet’s really concentrating!


And Kathryn was really getting into it….

087 O.K. everyone, gather around for phase two…

062 Kathy’s taken classes with Danny in Vancouver and had been instrumental in getting him to us last year and now again this summer. Special thanks also for the treats Kathy, you’re always so very thoughtful. 


Time for a ‘Danny conference’….

076 Colleen really went to town and I love her painting!!!  Waterfalls and all….Magnificent!


Elizabeth and Danny had a super discussion…wish I could have overheard….


So did Lynne……073

This is Lynne’s finished painting…..Isn’t it magnificent!002 

After class Kathy’s ‘too cute’ progeny came by and we had so much fun!


I guess I left out the A.M. scene with my greeting everyone at the front door in my P.J.’s (the Panda ones of course) and Kita slipping past me to wreck havoc in the driveway….we/they finally got her but it was Kita 10, humanoids 0 for quite some time!

Great day Danny…


To be continued……

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