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…….began with class at the Huntington Botanical Gardens on Wednesday.  It seemed like a year ago when the last class was held, followed by that eventful day at Rusnak and then getting that nasty bug that really laid me low.  Moral of the story……all is well and nothing is worth getting so upset one’s resistance is completely shot.  Hope I learned that one.

Here’s a picture of the Japanese Maple in front of the house.  I took this before setting forth for class as this was to be the days subject….


…..along with little birds on a Maple Branch.


After class I popped in to see all the amazing Orchid growers getting ready for their yearly exhibit which ran from noon Friday thru today (Sunday).


One of the exhibitors….


Several exquisite Lady Slipper Orchids……


Hope you had a chance to see these beautiful creations!!!


I remembered this Japanese table from last year……so elegant and how I love the screen!!!


Trudy and Geoff are back after their month long adventure….Kita went absolutely wild with joy and I was delighted with my chocolate as well.


Since the class on Wednesday was so successful I decided to repeat the subject for Saturday’s class in the Studio. This had started out as a full tree on Wednesday but I turned it sideways, removed the trunk and hid a little bird.



It’s always so interesting to see each individual art work…..all based on the same subject but completely different, one from the other.


I could tell Cynthia was really enjoying the subject.


Sweet Diana is always so full of love and joie de vivre!


Kathryn decided to tackle the Japanese Maple Landscape.  It was coming along beautifully …..there are a lot of little strokes to be done but patience rules the day.


After the main subject, Violet painted an exquisite figure (also in the lesson).


Great job Po Chu!


Let’s see that up close!037

What a great week…..filled with creativity and inspiration.

Kita’s calling it all good.


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