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…..not an easy question to answer when you’re re-entering the world.  After two solid weeks in bed one has to decide whether to play catch up or just start new.  It’s a good time to look at priorities, figure out what’s really important and make the decision to not be distracted by what doesn’t matter.

The first decision was what to do with Kita when we all have to leave the house.


The new security system we had installed will not protect us from the main destructor force… little Miss Kita…. who will be in her puppy terror mode for another full year!


Then it hit me…..eureka…..take Kita to the groomers or the vets for a bath.  At the vet’s we wouldn’t have to pick her up until 7:00.

She’s been voted’ Miss Congeniality’ there so it was an easy decision.


Then it was off to Charles yearly (correct) doctor’s appointment.  Vicki then treated for a belated birthday dinner for Charles at Gourmet 88.


Yummy stuff…..


We then got take out to continue the celebrating at mom’s!


All together now….say cheese!019

Made it back to VCA Animal Hospital just in time to get ‘Her Highness’.  Yes, Charles, Vicki and I with dog in the new car.  Just use your imagination!

Next day, because I’m under fed, Susi & I ate lunch at Bar Verde.  Note the yummy squash soup topped with crème fraiche!


I had my new favorite salad, Panko crusted chicken….so crispy and light! With fresh berries, figs, point reyes blue and a fig balsamic vinaigrette.

050 !

Then, because Susi had seen every movie (including Gravity) we saw RUSH, directed by Ron Howard.  Based on the true story of the rivalry between two Formula 1 racers it will have you on the edge of your seat.  Loved it!!!


When Nikka came to work on Friday she brought major sustenance….fries from KFC.  They’re the best!  Large yummy potatoes with a secret ingredient sprinkled on them.


Kita was looking for treats everywhere….


Class on Saturday was wonderful…..we continued the theme worked on at the Huntington and the previous Saturday’s class.

Kathy did two wonderful birds nestled in Japanese Maple and started a strong Landscape that I can’t wait to see finished.


Kc’s wonderful little bird will be transformed into a card!


Pam is our certified ‘bird watcher’ so we knew she’d do something fantastic!


Laurie really concentrated on this great red bird!


After class, Jim came over and he and Sandie selected the Wisteria painting they had commissioned as a special Christmas gift for daughter Melissa! This is 48 inches wide so Saturday we will meet Agnes at Magic Dragon to have it mounted!


I’m thrilled that Sandie and Jim are pleased….so much so that I got treated to dinner at Bar Verde! They’re so cute!!!


Foodie alert:

The cheese plate was sensational….served with a  delicious tomato basil jam, honeycomb and toasted crostini! Get’s me salivating just to see it!


This is definitely the place for chicken…no matter how they prepare it! This was roasted with prosciutto & sage, mascarpone polenta, baby vegetables & fig balsamic essence.


Jim had the Sake Marinated Black Cod with shrimp dumplings, organic spinach in a shiitake mushroom soy broth.


Jim’s Manhattan…just look at that magnificent ice cube!


I meant to save the wrapper for my tea…..the ingredients were so beautiful! (It was served with honey.)


For desert, all we could manage was gelato with cookies….just warm out of the oven!

Thank you Sandie and Jim for the most wonderful evening!!!


Walking to the valet for my car…….a 1937 restored Jaguar!


O.K., you don’t have to be a dog person to love this book by Mary Oliver.  Just be warned, have lots of Kleenex!


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