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This little fellow wants to say hello to you.  He lives in mom’s building and is most curious!


A couple of weeks ago when Mary Beth, Kita’s trainer, was here I hardly recognized her.  She had lost 20 lbs. and her skin was positively glowing (to quote Nikka).  The secret you ask???? Nutr.Bullet!  I wasted no time in getting this ‘As Seen on TV’ gadget!


You’re supposed to put in 1/2 greens and 1/2 fruits so it was off to Whole Foods.

005  Apples make a real difference…..

004 As you can see from this picture, we already have the heavy duty industrial strength juicer (which I’ve used all of 2 times.)  The value of the Nutr.Bullet is that you use all of the parts of the fruits and veggies, throwing nothing away. For this one, we only put in the greens and I was thinking it would be really good heated up with a little cream.  Sort-of like a pea soup but not.  (It comes out very thick….a veggie slushy).


O.K., now that we’re quite healthy, lets get on to what really counts and matters in life.  FRIENDSHIP…..sharing and caring and all that good stuff.  Fueled with lots of laughter.  Liz is a great example and I told her I just love hearing her say ‘Nan’…..she makes it sound soooo connected.  In today’s ‘Sunday Styles’ section of the New York Times, there’s a front page article about MINDFULNESS AT EVERY TURN. About ‘disconnecting to connect’.  It’s an insightful piece and if you’d like I’ll gladly e-mail it to you.

Back to Liz….here we are at Bar Verde…my new favorite place.


Hiro Christoph is the manager.  The most affable young man who, if you’ve been really good, will give you some ‘right out of the oven’ cookies!

012 Now here’s the thing about confluences….amazing things happen.  Liz painted this Enso (Google the meaning in Wikipedia) and Nikka placed Liz’s Bamboo painting inside it and wow….what a greeting card.  034

Now to make it even more powerful, here’s the poem Liz wrote and had inscribed on the inside:


I bet you want to just sit back and reflect on that for a bit…..


………………..then we’ll move on to desert. Thank you Lizzie for this memorable treat!


Sandra Bullock was amazing in GRAVITY and there’s lots of ‘food’ for thought there.


Time for take out From Cheesecake Factory….I get 2 Miso Salmon with a side of spinach and mom & I split one, Nikka has part of the 2nd and we do a toss up for the extra.


They have the best bread……


….and of course….cheesecake….this time Pumpkin & we split it 3 ways!


Back to our health kick.  Vicki got this container and we fill it with all manner of sliced fruits….oranges, apples, etc. and….cucumber.  Then just add water to fill… and chill.  It’s our new drinking water and is sooooo refreshing!


Also, new on the list….raw honey…


Are you feeling real healthy now????  Good, then you can have some of Rose’s fantabulous Carmel Corn!


Friday night Tomiko & I went to the Ahmanson to see Neil Simon’s ‘Sunshine Boys’ with the sensational dynamic duo of Danny DeVito and Judd Hirsch.

005 But not before our usual stop at Kendall’s Brasserie.


We split the Curried Carrot soup and decided it wasn’t all that good.  Perhaps it’s because they won’t do the split in the kitchen and you have to beg for an extra bowl.  (A begging bowl???) We also split the Apple Tarte Tatin with Vanilla ice cream which is always yummy.

Saturday was Calligraphy with Tom in the studio.


Tom’s Enso….


Congratulations Connie, Dorothy & Nancy….prize winners all!


I’m so very proud of Dorothy who began with me  years ago when I first started teaching at the Huntington Botanical Gardens and the class was held in ‘The Garage’ which is now the Boone Gallery. Her landscapes are powerful and one has a visceral reaction to them!

20131102_163829 Meanwhile, Sandie Girl and I went with Melisa, her daughter –in-law, to see Agnes at Magic Dragon.  I don’t know how much longer Agnes will be there as all of the businesses, including The Empress Pavilion….the amazing dim sum palace, have closed.  She’s just about the last hold out. (The owner had raised the rents to exhorbitant levels.) I showed you this piece before (the Christmas present for Melisa and her hubby) …….after I completed it…. and now I can’t wait to see it mounted and framed!


Cuteness all around….


This will be my next blog……


Bye for now…….

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