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…….Sandie and Jim came over to pick up Sandie’s awesome Christmas card for title approval…..this was just after Kita dashed outside to greet Jim…..missed that shot!  Anyway, Sandie wanted to show me the great doggies she got for the Christmas display at work.  From the sound of things it’s going to be quite complicated and includes a ‘found’ antique coat stand to hold Santa’s P.J.’s (the one’s with the trap door) and Mrs. Claus’s apron.  There will be a table with Santa’s mug and milk & cookies and so many things….Sandie could be a set designer.


More for the display….there’s no end to the cuteness!


After they left, Kita finally settled down to watch Kim water….


Thank you Kim….


….and I was off to Pirch.  Well actually I had to get something at Bloomie’s first……

001  This fashionista had her eye on the same jacket I was going for…..this could be trouble….call security!

006 ….Back to Pirch.


…amazing bathrooms….



…and a kitchen I’m dreaming about!


Inspiring thoughts everywhere…..


And these transparent labels you can put all over your house!!!


And now here’s Marco, a Pomeranian I met while waiting for my car.


Monday was sensational with Lizzie coming over to work on Christmas cards…..


Thank you soooo much for the yummy candy Lizzie…..didn’t it go great with our Nespresso cappuccino’s?


We can no longer get the Cannon printers that we’ve used forever and the new ones just don’t work for our needs.  I had taken one that coughed it’s last to Business Machines and begged George to make it well again.  He was able to replace the complete insides and Monday afternoon I gratefully picked it up.

Here’s George….



Since I was so close, I stopped at Bloomie’s in Sherman Oaks for dinner….too bad they don’t have one of these in Glendale.


Yum, yum and healthy too so I got a smoothie to go with it!


They have an awesome Nespresso bar in the kitchen section and will make you anything you wish with the bonus round of a piece of chocolate!!!


Did anyone see the amazing moon this week???


Or Lady Gaga on Channel 5 ???


Class at the Huntington Botanical Gardens is always so much fun and especially when adorable Monica is there.


Monica just came back from a 3 day jaunt to Japan with a stewardess friend and declared she wants to live there or at least go 3 times a year.  She’s in love with Japan and made me even more excited about going there in March.

Even the candy is cute!!!



Leaving the Huntington I enjoyed the beautiful Ginkgo trees in all their golden glory.


Then it was off to the Langham to meet Tomiko for an early dinner.  While waiting I met sweet pooch Maddie, a guest at the hotel while her home is being re-modeled.


I suspect my constant picture taking is torture for Tomiko but she puts up with me..061

They always have the most beautiful floral arrangements in the lobby.

053 060

On to dinner at The Royce….now an overpriced glorified steak house. We had the three cuts tasting and I honestly found all three tasteless….they certainly needed all the sauces.



I didn’t care for the spinach or the mushrooms either.


But the tomatoes were lovely.


Next stop the Pasadena Civic Center to here Fareed Zakaria, one of the Distinguished Speaker series.  He was fantastic…..I try to catch him on CNN  Sundays.


Now here’s a cutie if there ever was one. Heaven-Leigh, (yes, that’s her real, wonderful name) the Sales Team Leader /Intimate Apparel at Bloomie’s in Glendale.  I so hope she follows her dream to be an actress!!!


Where was I? Oh yes, at Whole Foods just as a wheel of delicious Asiago was being cut.  My mission….to order our turkey for the big day.


We always wait ‘till after Thanksgiving to get the trees up but it’s such a job I told Nikka to get started while Kim can help her.


So many boxes……I suspect it will take another weekend.


Later Kim is trying to get Kita to use her new bed.  It’s the 5th one as she destroyed the other 4.  Somehow she just doesn’t get the concept and I wonder why I ever bother.


We wish you and all those you hold dear the most beautiful Thanksgiving ever… filled with love and laughter!


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