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How did it happen?  How could it possibly happen??? I missed Olga’s birthday, then George’s and to make it a perfect trifecta….Martin’s!

030  The make-up cake would have to be very special and chocolate for sure because that’s their favorite.  I had planned on taking it over as a surprise but wise Sandie Girl told me it might be a good idea to phone first.  What a smart friend I have….Sure enough, Friday night they would not be home but Saturday would work out perfectly. 

002 Are you wondering where Jasper fits into all this?

Well, Olga had gone all the way to San Bernadino to a high kill ‘shelter’ to rescue the most amazing black lab….JASPER!  They were meant for each other and for that I have no doubt!

009  Kita found out about it and sent Jasper a note along with a toy and treats suggesting they get together for a play date.  (The brazen hussy!) I couldn’t tell if Jasper was interested as Olga read Kita’s note.


Remember the saga of Kita’s beds?  How she chewed up all but the last one and disdained that one completely?  Well, I thought perhaps Jasper might like it.  We weren’t sure at first as he went back to his fav cuddle spot….


But later as we were going downstairs… look over the railing and….what joy…..I was soooo happy!


Nikka says goodnight to Jasper…………


……and to all a good night!

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