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…..It started out simple enough….I met Tomiko at mom’s and was greeted with tulips that will bloom shortly. Love the boots!


Off we went to Guitar Center on Sunset Blvd. to pick up son Alex’s guitar that had been repaired.




Everything looked O.K.


With the guitar safely in the car we headed back for some quality browsing. Let’s go for the gold! (Or is that Platinum?)


This one is so expensive because of all the handwork.


At this point, a man walked out of a little room that we suspected had treasures inside.  He looked at us and said, “Would you like a five minute education on guitars?”

023  It turned out he was from Boston, in charge of marketing for Bose & working in L.A. on a video shoot. The funny thing is that he has no connection with Guitar Center and was there as a customer.  Eric showed us around…. pointing to each guitar and telling us how it was made, it’s history and so much more information I confess I went into overload. He knows absolutely EVERYTHING about guitars!


Now how often does something like that happen?

As we were leaving this young fellow gave us a mini concert…


On to the ArcLight Hollywood at Sunset and Vine to catch the 4:40 ‘The Monuments Men’. I know, it got a terrible review in the ‘L.A. Times’ and not much better in the ‘New York Times’ but we thoroughly enjoyed it and hey….George Clooney!  The large BUTTERED popcorn was great too!


Next stop, ‘Little Dom’s’ on Hillhurst.  Always packed, always delicious.  The popcorn did us in so we settled on burgers (delicious) with arugula & parmesan salads.  Oh, I guess I should mention the gelato sundae with fudge sauce and whipped cream.  We’re soooo bad.


Bye for now!


Have a great week!

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