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Jamie Nichols, Violet’s dance teacher, is the Executive Director of this amazing event now in it’s 9th sold out year at the Alex Theatre. And as in the past, Violet treated me to an awesome evening!  Heartfelt thanks Violet!!!

073 Eight extraordinary dance companies were on this year’s program each amazing in their own right.  These budding dancers were anxious for the performances to begin!

080 For the first time,’tap’ was included on the ‘Celebrate Dance’ stage and it brought the house down!

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Here’s Violet and Kc during intermission.


And of course, as I’ve done before….had to get a shot of Kc’s toes….appropriate don’t you think?


But I digress.  You’re wondering about dinner. (Weren’t you?)  Far Niente is almost next door to the Alex so that was the perfect spot for us. Laurie and I split the delicious Lobster Bisque for an appetizer.

064   I shared the Sea Bass with Violet.


Hi Kc…you’re sooooo cute!

061 So that was how the week ended……here’s how it began.  The sky cleared up…..001

…..and it was time for damage control due to the rain storms.  Don’t ask me how the fridge in the garage shorted out (along with the security lights) but it did and we prepared for the new one.  (That is Maria did.) See the shelf over her head?  I neglected to measure for height and boy was I ever fortunate as it just fit.


However, the doors open on the wrong side.  I guess I really do have to pay more attention to these details.  Mostly I wanted to get something right away for my ice cream bars. The Vodka seems lonely without caviar!


We studied Plum in class and Kathy did two of the most exceptional Plum paintings I’ve ever seen. 


This is absolutely stunning, and I’m sure you agree!


Here’s another one.


And, not only did Kathy bring my yummy lunch……


…..but sweet daughter Kaley treated me again with my very favorite….Panna Cotta!  This was the best ever….loaded with beautiful fruit!


Trudy, Kita’s best friend, was also in class.  Just back from India, she had heard of the physical benefits of Brush painting!


Wait ‘till you hear about Sunday!

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