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‘Ernest & Celestine’ is quite possibly the most precious movie ever about the friendship between  plucky Celestine, a little mouse, and Ernest, a grumpy bear.


The story is charming and the animation is sublime! Handcrafted watercolour backgrounds and hand sketched characters…delicately and lovingly drawn.


Of course the fact that it’s about a little mouse who draws makes it even dearer to my heart! And you will love Celestine’s voice!


It’s always about the brush isn’t it?


‘The Wind Rises’ is about Jiro who dreams of flying (and not just sushi). This masterpiece is by Hayo Miyazaki and well may be his last.  It’s a powerfully animated historical drama, touching in spite of the sad undertone.


So sweet but brace yourself…..


This is definitely not a Walt Disney movie.032

Not as charming as Ernest & Celestine but important nevertheless.  And of course I’m interested now in all matters Japanese.


O.K., from the sublime to the outrageous. I’ve always been a huge fan of Elaine Stritch, the irascible New York institution.  She’s profane,  funny, and totally relentless.


This film follows her at 87 and you see the good, the bad and the ugly.  There’s so much that’s thought provoking that I’d say it’s a must see.


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