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.Tony T. is the best, best limo driver and I had a relaxed Sunday drive to LAX International. JAL gets my vote for the best, best airline and business class was never better. I watched three movies that I had been avoiding….Dallas Buyers Club and 12 Years a Slave along with another I may mention in a future blog.  The food kept coming including Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream.  The plane was a beautiful, brand new 787…..Kyoko Nakamura, the Cabin Coordinator (in white) made it a perfect flight!

I was met at Narita Int’l Airport by the Abercrombie & Kent representative (from Tonichi Travel) and breezed through customs.

Bonnie & Charlie, along with Pam & Wilbur & Boyd were traveling on Delta & we all went to the Hotel New Otani Garden Tower in Tokyo.

There was a delightful gift from Lynne Tucker (Pro Travel in Los Angeles) awaiting all of us. thank you Lynne!

I wasted  no time in getting cozy & taking this ‘selfie’!

Rise & shine…it’s 3:00 A.M. & time to get ready for the 4:00 visit to the Tsukuji Fish Market for the fish auction.  Over 450 varieties of fish are received there each day but we were there for the important tuna auction!

The red markings were placed on the tuna by the buyers.

You can’t imagine how busy it is….the tuna are flash frozen and buyers walk around inspecting them for their quality.  I have a viedo of the scene that I’ll post when back in L.A. Scooters and trucks hurry along and you really have to watch where you’re going.
Afterwards, a fun stroll thru the produce market.

Back to the hotel for breakfast overlooking this exquisite garden.

9:00 A.M. & it’s off to the Imperial Palace’s expansive gardens.

Next stop…..Edo-Tokyo Museum showcasing the politics, culture & lifestyles of the people from the city’s birth to present day Tokyo.

Time for Soba Noodles before visiting the Sagemonoya Netsuke Gallery.  Judith & Charlie found some they could not resist.

We had dinner in a private room at Tofuya Ukai at the foot of Tokyo Tower.  It’s beautiful beyond imagining.  

I can’t figure out how to get many of the photo’s from my iPhone to this iPad Air…..crazy new keyboard too!

Can you imagine this was just the first day?!!!

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