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…….and everything else for that matter.  Remember high school gym?  Not your favorite thing?  Well, one visit to a Japanese bath….after the initial shock ….will change your mind about the whole communal thing.

Here’s the entrance….the red is for ladies….

….and the blue for the men.  However, they change ‘areas’ each day (A.M. & P.M.) so you have to be careful & pay attention……(Woops!)

Looks good so far, a regular locker room…..for your knickers.  These shelves are for your shoes.

And nice clean basins….with lovely soaps, combs and such.

Ready?  Open the sliding door……..

First you scrub, scrub down, wash your hair, get all squeaky clean….don’t forget to rinse off!  The areas to the left are individual hand held showers with all the lovely soaps & shampoo materials.
Here’s one of them.

Then it’s into the very clean, very warm/hot water with you for a nice long soak! If you sit on the ledge your legs will float.

…..and enjoy the view!  (Scenery that is….elevate please!)

Yes I did it and yes I loved it and big YES I picked a time when I could go solo!

Afterwards it was back to my spacious quarters to brew another pot of the best green tea on the planet!

Loved everything at the Ryuguden Ryokan Hakone!

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