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….and Sakae ‘Eva’ Yagino, our wonderful guide who we all fell in love with.  She is so knowledgeable and poured so much information into us that I’m sure some spilled out along the way. In the background is one of the touring ships that we could see from the ryokan.

And the pirate ship that sailed past as well.

Eva recalled our stay as we drove to the train station.

Mt. Fuji doesn’t often show itself and we were delighted the day was sunny and clear!

A woodblock print come to life!

Now it’s on to Kyoto via the Super Express ‘Hikari’ (the bullet train) of Shin Kansen line…..which ran at a 150 mph clip!  But first a group photo with Eva! We are sooooo happy!

Must have Green Tea Ice cream….

Thank you Pam for the yummy cookie (went perfectly with my ice cream).  I never did figure out what the yellow ducky / chicken was???

Eva made sure we all sat together and had window seats.  Here’s Bonnie & Charlie with Eileen & Judith behind them.

Time to meet Amy, our new guide.

Everyone wanted a photo of these school children….

All accounted for!

And we’re off to our new adventures in Kyoto!

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