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We got excited when we saw a few deer as the bus entered the city of Nara.  It’s here that the world’s largest bronze casting, the GIANT Daibutsu sits in the Todai-ji Temple.  The Buddha sits in the ‘Daibutsuden’ (the largest wooden structure on earth!)

What about the deer you ask????
Considered sacred, the deer roam about freely as messengers of the gods in Shinto tradition. For 1,500 yen you can buy cookies to feed them as they’re quite tame and will eat right out of your hand.  Be careful ’cause they’ll ‘butt’ you if you run out of cookies!

this guys going to run out of cookies!

Where’s my cookie?

Cute kids making the ‘V’ sign…..everone does it when having their picture taken.

My attempt at a ‘selfie’! Yes ‘dear’, I love you too! Kissy,kissy!

Time for a nap after eating all those cookies!

Sooooooo beautiful…….

Right nearby is the Kasuga Shrine dating back to 768 and deemed a National Heritage Site. The surrounding area is a ‘natural’ forest as compared to so many others (including in the mountains) that have been planted!

Home of over 1,600 stone lanters and about the same number in bronze (along with two ‘Art Institute’ lions!

We saw this little family bringing their baby boy for ‘batism’ to the Shinto Shrine.  It’s customary to do this and boys have a red mark on their forhead so they will grow tall and girls have another indicating ‘delicate’.  The boys are wrapped in black kimono’s. This is a very happy and proud moment! Grandma holds baby!

Eileen & Miss Judith….

With over 3,000 lanterns behind me….

Miss Judith, not what did I tell you about not feeding the deer?

They don’t mind their manners and will not ‘sit’ when told Miss Judith!

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