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Just overnight in Osaka.  It’s hard to believe that my artwork had traveled to Osaka 20 years prior to my being here. (It was in an exhibit sponsored by Sony that later traveled to Paris.)

With special thanks to Amy for being such a wonderful guide during the second half of our journey.  Kind, thoughtful and so considerate of our needs down to making sure we all got to each designated flight on time. Thank you Amy!
The ‘taxi’s’ in Japan are all like ‘limos’!  The drivers wear white gloves and escort you into a spotless black sedan. A beautiful, new white covering is over the drivers seat.

It’s hard to imagine but these lovely, petite girls do all the heavy lifting onto the weight scale.  They are so efficient and courteous….I’m loving it!

Because I was flying ‘Business Class’  from Tokyo, I was invited to wait in their special lounge area.
And oh the food and service there…….
They made sure to tell me when it was time to head toward my gate.  Honestly, I hated to leave! Oh well….
The cutest part…..before the flight is announced, the girl bows to the waiting, seated passengers.  And the stewardesses all bow and march onto the plane in a neat, lovely line.
They are soooo cute!
I love JAL….I love this plane!!!  I had a Sky Suite with it’s own 23" TV and a seat that you could convert into a bed!  WOW!!!
And the food….
I decided to go for the Japanese menu to extend the adventure as long as possible!
Second course….
And throughout the flight you could have all the fruit, ice cream & drinks you desired.  I also opted for the ‘Japanese’ breakfast.  While indulging in all this beautiful & most delicious food I was able to watch current movies on my 23" personal TV.  I stumbled across the most delightful Japanese movie based on a true story of two people who lived during the time of the Samuri.  It’s a sweet love story revolving around how they developed the most amazing recipes that are still used today.  I highly recommend this movie!  "A TRUE LOVE STORY" (A Tale of Samuri Cooking’).  Sure hope Netficks has it!

Back home the house appeared surprisingly large to me and it was so lovely to see the roses blooming
Hopefully I brought back enough of my favorite ‘snacks’ to see me through ‘re-entry’!

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