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……..but that’s the wonderful thing about taking photographs and writing a blog… can bring it all together.

Care to guess what this is????


Kita is throwing off her undercoat and unless she’s brushed, all of this is in the house.  Get the Furminator!


Actually it takes a village so I help out by holding out the Lickety Stick!


Enough of that.  Going to Pavilions for essentials not found at Trader Joe’s I always love seeing the carrots as there are horse stalls right in back!


While there I could not resist this….

024 These cuties were outside raising money for the Burbank Animal Shelter.  We found Yuki there and she was the best, best doggie ever!

006 On the subject of cute….how cute is this!  Nikka got it so Emma wouldn’t loose the keys to her new car!

012 Finally got to a movie and loved ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’!


…….and then a stop at Din Tai Fung at Americana in Glendale for the best pork dumplings this side of China!


Nikka is so terrific…..putting up signs for Henry Li’s workshop last weekend.


First day was Landscape and here’s Colleen’s wonderful work! She added the terrific bridge at the bottom.  So creative!


Beautiful Violet!


Henry cut Lizzie’s painting into a fan shape and then dry mounted it.


And here we all are. (Except for Laurie and Liz who had to leave early.)


Sunday it was Horses.


…..and yummy delivery from Gourmet 88.




And a special thank you shout out to Kathy who brought me these delicious cannoli from New York.  I had to share the chocolate one with Nikka! I know, your mouth is watering!


Clara’s friend makes these adorable bags so check out her website at  Her coin purses make the greatest little gift!


Victoria Li played the Guqin during husband Henry Li’s workshop.


On to Paradise Bakery to get a special cake for Olga’s birthday!


By now, if you’ve read my blog at all or seen my Facebook postings, you know I’ve been a supporter of ‘Brushstrokes in Hollywood’ for several years now.  Dear Pam Tom the Director/Producer is so close to having it completed and they only need $100,000 more.  The Kickstarter campaign helped tremendously but if you can, please do contribute to this amazing feature length documentary about Tyrus Wong, one of Disney’s ‘Legends’ and really our National Treasure. It’s tax deductable!  Tyrus is 103 now and still flies his exquisite handmade kites near the Santa Monica pier the 4th Sunday of each month.  To learn more go to or



Thursday evening Kc & I went to a special screening of selected segments of the film and to hear a discussion on it. What many people do not know about Tyrus is that besides being a Disney Legend (he did all the work on Bambi) he was a concept artist for Warner Brothers on so many movies such as Harper and Rebel Without a Cause.

Here’s Kc with Pam and it turned out they had film work in common.


….and here she is with Producer Tamara Khalaf who also works at Disney.


Lisa See contributed some thought provoking comments about Tyrus in the film.


Time to discuss the film….


Outside at the Japanese American National Museum


Are you still with me?  This blog is getting rather long.

Thursday evening I did a demonstration for the Sunland Tujunga Art Association.  A dear group I’ve spoken to through the years. Sharon won my painting!


And today was class in the studio.


Amy how can I ever thank you for the exquisite flowers???? (I’m so happy Kita didn’t have little Mia for breakfast!)

Call Amy 818.625.5243


I love the month of May and all will be explained in my next blog starting with an evening with the lovely Valerie!


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