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Elizabeth was a student years ago and is now able to continue on.  She came to class at the Huntington and brought this lovely antique Brush painting set given to her years ago.


These are some of the greeting cards Charles created for Elizabeth from her studies in class. I’m sure you can recognize some of the subjects!


Wilbur brought this yummy red velvet cupcake to class so the celebration continued.


I’ve become addicted to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  He is just so cute and interacts wonderfully with his guests.  I tape the shows so I won’t stay up all night.  This is his dog and you can see Jimmy’s hand holding something.  It was hilarious!


Moving on…..Thursday nights I usually go to Cheesecake for takeout and Nikka Mom & I have dinner together.  Lately I’ve been getting the ‘Skinnylicious Salmon’ which is so funny as I consume all the bread and butter I can shovel down.  Me bad!


Really enjoying this one……..


And of course Calligraphy class with Tom is always great!067

Miss Judith brought this back from New York for everyone.


And chocolate for me because I must have it!


Next day Tomiko & I went to the Music Center to see/hear ‘Porgy and Bess’.



Afterwards we became very indecisive about where to have dinner so we settled on Kendall’s Brasserie but since we’ve had just about everything on the menu, decided to get a bunch of appetizers.




Mom came over for Memorial Day……


Since I’m saving my specialty of Grilled Cheese with Tomato and Bacon for the 4th, we had wonderful ribs from Trader Joe’s and Cole Slaw from KFC …….and fresh corn on the cob with tons of butter….yummy!


There was some room left……


Finally had a birthday lunch with mom at……Bar Verde.  Surprised?


183 Let’s all sing….

190 Class on Saturday……Thank you Lizzie Girl….

197 Afterwards Kathy and Kaley came over for some last minute ‘stuff’ before her display at ‘Pick Pico’. I got so excited about the ‘treats’ I forgot to take pictures of them! Thank you thoughtful Kathy! I tried to control myself with these goodies….to no avail. (Diet starts today.)


199 I’m doing a separate blog about going to LACMA and one for Kathy’s art show yesterday which was the perfect way to end a wonderful birthday month!

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