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With memories of our trip to serene and perfectly amazing Japan, Bonnie, Charlie, Miss Judith, Eileen and I went to LACMA for the first installment of ‘Chinese Paintings from Japanese Collections’. 

144 But first lunch at Ray’s, a Patina Group restaurant at the museum.

House Charcuterie Plate


Bonnie’s selection….

151 Pam and Wilbur had already seen the exhibit and sent me some great notes along with the use of their ‘mono-glass’. Many of the works are considered ‘Important Cultural Property’ three were ‘Important Art Objects’ and one, a 14th century Yuan dynasty image of two eccentrics sitting in the shade of a pine tree to symbolize spiritual freedom is deemed a ‘National Treasure’ by the Japanese government. It was a great privilege to see these important works.  In addition to the awesome paintings, the scrolls they were painted on were exquisite. Zhang Ruitu’s landscape was exhibited along with copies of the work painted by Japanese artists. One a close copy and the second much freer.

Afterwards we headed to the Japanese Pavilion to see there amazing collection of Netsuke.  Here’s my favorite….’Two Geese Kissing’.


Cuter still….Bonnie and Charlie!


Well I did say “Adventures’ didn’t I?

Yesterday after visiting with Clara at Kathy’s wonderful showing of her work (in a separate blog) I mentioned to Clara that I just couldn’t decide whether to go to a movie or do a pop in at the Music Center.  I’m a huge fan of Placidio Domingo as he’s such a fine soul along with being an awesome talent.  Clara said, “I think you should go to the opera!”  So off I went and was able to get a first row center seat to see the most awesome performance ever.

281  Besides the music of ‘Thais’ being one of my favorites the sets were so grand and I was close enough to the conductor to touch him.  (Decided against that one.) Took this photo just leaning over the protective screen. Whether it was to protect the orchestra or the front row patrons is debatable!


Afterwards, a relaxed dinner at Kendall’s Brasserie.  This trout looks like a hot mess but it was delicious!

287 Two extra special grand adventures for my birthday month!

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