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….was celebrated on Saturday.


Let me explain.  ‘ELIZABETH’S CANVAS’, founded by John-David Perry, is a 501 ( C ) (3) non-profit organization that empowers cancer patients and survivors through the creative process. Now does the name Perry ring a bell?  It should, John-David is the handsome, Harvard trained son of Elizabeth who you may be fortunate enough to have met in class.  ‘Lizzie’ is not only a survivor, but a thriver and the dearest person one could ever hope to meet.

After Calligraphy class, Miss Judith and I drove to the event where we just happened to meet up with Eileen who was arriving at the same time.  Greeted at the gate by Alvin, an ex marine who promptly spoke into his sleeve that there were three coming up. That just about knocked me out!


Up we went and ‘checked in’.


What a grand group of people…..Miss Judith commented that John-David is really terrific at networking and if the party is any example, I heartily agree! Hard to see him here…..thanking everyone for coming.

073 Here’s Eileen, Lizzie and Miss Judith getting into party mode.


I guess I have no one to blame after all the food photos I post on Facebook so when the brownies came around and everyone started chanting….”Nan, Nan, Nan” I had to accept the challenge.


Discussing a portrait of Lizzie. It was filled with symbolism.


Eileen and Joy, John-David’s beautiful sweetie.


O.K., now here’s the neatest guy ever.  Justin was John-David’s roommate at Harvard and is now a Harvard professor and major surfer dude riding the waves in San Diego during the summer. Note:  That’s his hair, not part of his beard….it’s hard to tell in this photo.094  Why am I telling you all this?  Because I hope with all my heart that you’ll visit and see all the wonderful things they are doing to make life more beautiful for so many people and that you will be moved to make a donation! Here’s a completed project at Harbor UCLA.  Elizabeth’s Canvas decorated the Harbor UCLA courtyard with tiles that contained artwork produced by the pediatric oncology patients in the ‘Adventures in Art’ class.

bench A

It’s soooooo wonderful!

both benches 

Again, please go to: and be a blessing!


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