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……was the perfect way to start the week! I loved this movie!!!


Actually the star of the movie was a talking, machine gun toting, genetically altered, cybernetically enhanced raccoon….Rocket, voiced by Bradley Cooper.  You have a problem with that? His best bud is Groot, a walking tree voiced by Vin Disel.


Zoe Saldana is Gamora……the deadliest (and greenest) woman in the galaxy whose great line is “I am going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy.”


An awesome ‘hits of the ‘70’s tape’ plays terrific songs like ‘I’m Not in Love’ and ‘Hooked on a Feeling’….sooooo cool!

The Bar Verde treat for the evening was Kale & Farrow salad with apples & pistachios.  I added the best salmon I’ve had in ages.  Soooo good!


Monday’s assignment was at Home Depot where I spied this beautiful Hibiscus at the cashiers desk and into my basket it went.


Actually I went there for Orchid planting soil and bags of Mexican Beach Pebbles.


Why you ask?  You didn’t? Well I’ll tell you anyway!  The Horsetail along the walkway to the studio decided to poop out and as this was the second time it had been planted I had to think of an alternative for the area.  Dear Amy gave me the name of her gardener and he’s been working here for almost a year now catching up where Jeffrey left off.  It was an awful job to dig up the Horsetail…….

009  ….…but I think my idea of planting the spent Phalaenopsis that I had is going to work well as they do re-bloom. You’ll have to tell me what you think when you see it in person.


Attention cupcake lovers!  Sprinkles is now at Americana and they have ice cream too!


But back to Bar Verde…..Trudy & I went for lunch before she leaves on a 52 day sojourn to Germany (taking care of her sister).  We did the Heirloom Tomatoes w/Burrata which is absolutely the richest, most buttery fresh cheese…..

027  Then we split the Kale w/salmon that I told you about.  It’s a huge serving & perfect to share.

Of course the Lemon Ricotta Sponge Cake is a must!


Here’s Trudy with Manager Hiro Christoph….soooo cute!


When we left Chef Lauren was making a pizza and I wanted to turn around and sit back down again!


Trudy said she hasn’t told Kita yet that she’ll be away for so long.  Our poor puppy will most likely need therapy by the time she returns!


Well, it’s been over 24 hours….time for Bar Verde!!!

Mom’s soooo happy!


Chef Lauren always says hi!!!!


I never have to ask Nikka what she wants….can you guess????


O.K., here it is…..

They do make an awesome burger and the fries are amazing!


So that was probably an all time record of 4 times in one week at Bar Verde….where’s my plaque?

Sweet Amy brought over the next round of figalicious figs from her tree…..


….and beautiful red, white and Blueberries….thank you Amy!


Will someone please tell me why we continue to buy these ‘indestructible’ toys for Kita!  It just takes her a few minutes to destroy them! Don’t give me that innocent look!


Everyone has raved about this book so I finally got it… to find time to read it!


Nikka & I had so much fun working on a video for YouTube on ‘Painting Leaves’.


Reviewing the video we were delighted no re-take was necessary.


Well, that’s pretty much the week.  Wait ‘till you hear about the bash at Bonnie & Charlie’s!!!

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