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…….last Sunday celebrated all things Japanese! It was such a great pleasure traveling to Japan with them this past spring as they are wonderful observers and bring their joie de vivre to everything!

Have you seen the scroll they commissioned for their serene Tatami room?  Creating this for them was the most pleasurable experience and I’m thrilled they’ve enjoyed it!


Charlie shows off his beautiful ‘Yukata’ purchased in Japan.  It’s a casual robe only to be worn in the home! Isn’t it wonderful???


Must photograph food!


Bonnie describes how she obtained the amazing calligraphy written by monks at the various shrines in Japan.


It was so good to see Lynne….she had gone over and above in helping me plan the trip to Japan.  It took a year but we did it!  If you ever need travel advice & help, contact Lynne at

Elaine, the delightful woman talking to Charlie has a translating & interpreting services company which is a terrific thing to know about.


Bonnie and Charlie took the most amazing photographs in Japan and they were all on a continuous loop for us to see….I think the Snow Monkeys got the best rating!


Time for Yoshi and Yumiko to sing Chasing the Dragonfly. But first….Bonnie, strike that gong!

You’re looking at the bravest pup on planet earth! Cosa, Bonnie & Charlie’s rescued terrier, was attacked by coyotes in Joshua Tree and has lived to tell the tale (no pun intended). Many stitches later and relieved of the Cone of Shame, he’s all better and enjoying the party!


Then it was time to see mom and give her all the party details.  Later that evening Olga came over for tea.  It was delightful  spending that time together, catching up and hearing about their European vacation….especially the Tuscany part!


Lisa B. wanted to see the LACMA show (from Van Gogh to Kandinsky) so off we went.  If you’ve missed this I so hope you get a chance to go!  It’s fascinating to see the time line for various art movement developments and to understand it never was about painting a ‘pretty picture’.  The artists were quite cerebral and always in a quest wanting to express new ideas. Can you read this text?  It’s really hysterical!


Here’s a few more paintings….





O.K., enough art stuff…let’s have lunch!  (Priorities you know….)

On the way we spotted a ‘Google Street’  car….I tried to snap it looking backwards from the car….can you see the little red dot???


We arrived at Joan’s on Third….a foodie paradise! Paper to wrap your cheese in….a real find…keeps it fresher longer.


Down to business…..make a selection…


We split the sushi of the day and a Chinese Chicken Salad. Someone looks happy!  Who could possibly eat a full order? (Orangina always reminds me of France!)


I just want you to see this Burrata w/Prosciutto…I’m still dreaming about it!


‘Castle’ is a Bowman family affair & it was great fun to see this billboard…


Next morning I was right on time to meet Lizzie Girl at Panera Bread in No Ho….only problem….my car wouldn’t start!  Don’t believe it when they tell you Jaguar roadside is all you need….I won’t bore you with the details but suffice it to say I re-signed with the Auto Club. Lizzie saved me a seat at the Laemmle and I just made it in time to see the beginning of ‘A Hundred Foot Journey’.  We loved it and this wonderful movie made everything all better. Don’t miss it!

056 Driving home I keep getting this sign and the car wouldn’t stop beeping at me.  Hey, I’m the one who should be beeping!

058  The next day the car wouldn’t start again so off it went to Rusnak….they delivered this loaner.


Back to Bar Verde with mom & Nikka…..I do love that place! Chef Lauren has a way with seasonings & I’m always so happy when she’s in the kitchen!


When I picked up my car this ‘42 beauty was in the showroom.


088 We learned a lot in class Saturday……everyone had a chance to discuss which areas they have difficulty with such as knowing where to connect the leaves.


Thanks Kim for the after class treat!


Have a frappuccino great week!

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