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……plus food and you have perfection!  We went to Trattoria Neapolis in Pasadena with the amazing Jakey the Reilly’s grandson.  I say amazing because he’s not quite two years old going on five.  No kidding, this lad is awesome… smart, attentive and almost ready for a football team. Such great fun to be with!




Jakey’s parents, Melissa and Nick are not only brilliant but so very clever.  When you have a moment, please go to Melissa’s website and you’ll see what I mean.  Also, you’ll get some wonderful ideas for your home.  Be sure to check out the House Tour and In a Nutshell and scroll down to Jakey’s room….read how Melissa did the mural.  On a personal note, you might see some Nan Rae artwork in the living room & Sandie Reilly’s in the bedroom.

I love this photo….construction by Granddad Jim and Jakey! Aren’t the two hands wonderful!!!


So cute and Master Jakey had perfect table manners and great skill in the utensil department! Now honestly, does this look like a two year old? (The one on the right silly!)


I can’t believe I ate the whole thing….it was sooooo yummy!


While Sandie Girl shared her blueberry pancakes…I did not share!


Back at Reilly Manor and possibly time for a nap! Honestly now, does this look like a two year old?


Well Monday was Labor Day and you know what that means!  My specialty….grilled cheese with at least a pound of butter, heirloom tomatoes, bacon, bacon, bacon, and rough mustard for some snap.  These were the best!


I forgot what all went into this salad but it was a yummy compliment to the sandwiches.


Poor Kita always has to be cordoned off or we’d have no peace while chowing down!


Mom polished off two sandwiches …….


And then we forced down some dessert! Soooo good.  Or should I say soooo bad!


Thursday Mom decided she wanted to go somewhere other than Bar Verde.  Oh my gosh why??? Chi Dynasty at Americana was O.K., the food is good but the service….well…and they still don’t have air conditioning and it’s been a year!

037 036 I loved The November Man.  Well, truth is, I would love anything with Pierce Brosnan but this was a really great action movie.


Kita was very good in the park last week and had lots of socializing! But truth be told….it’s all about the treats!


I’m a real optimist thinking I’ll have time to read this book.


Saturday’s Calligraphy class with Tom.

054 The Wisteria on the walkway fascinated me and I just stared and stared at the vines….


When the green tendrils grow and harden into wood they even fuse together.




Two cuties spotted during last week.


020 I’ve been thinking, do you suppose Lady Ga Ga got her name from Queen’s song Radio Ga Ga? Just sayin’

035 I’ll close with this thought.


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