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…..major PC problems, printers that don’t want to print and a scanner that has pooped out. We found that out trying to scan the large works piled up behind it!037  The remaining PC files have to be transferred to the iMac……love Apple!  Hopefully by the end of the week all of this will be resolved.


Class at the Huntington Botanical Gardens was wonderful. 

007 I tortured everyone with the Chinese Orchid and then we played with the Matilija Poppy and had great fun.


We love Dr. Martin Moradian who takes care of our footsies…..even making a house call for Sir Charles.

002 While Kita keeps an eye out for Chiracco, making sure he trims everything correctly.

003 Just so you don’t think I’ve backed off in the Foodie Department, check this out. Waiting for our table at Bourbon Steak at Americana.


Got to love this!

006 003

For the table……

005 Every since Sandie Girl told me she was getting an aged steak for Dr. Jim I’d been thinking of the same….my carnivore instincts were all atwitter!

But first a very unusual Caesar Salad…..




Perfection & I was able to talk Nikka into trying ‘rare’ meat!!!


Lobster mashed potatoes…..sooooo good!


Time for dessert….would you believe this is bread pudding?  It’s soooo carmelly good!


Not stuffed enough I tried something from the sweets cart.  Can you figure out what?


So sorry, I’m so stuffed I thought this was my car!


Anyone could make the same mistake….


By Friday we were so famished working so hard in the office there was only one thing to do…


And for a diversion, here’s Kim’s shoe pick of the day….Nike AirMax 90’s


All you cat lovers missed a great workshop with Danny Chen, visiting artist from Canada.



Kathy’s beautiful painting.

 IMG 8361

Must have dumplings!

IMG 8369

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